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Organic lawncare is a technique that, if done properly, will yield a great looking lawn without the intensive use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and heavy fertilizer. Below are some tips for maintaining an organic lawn:

Know Your Soil

The foundation of any turf is the soil - that priceless medium that nourishes the overlying turf. If you don't know the characteristics of your soil, consider getting your soil tested. A soil test will provide you with data necessary to address the deficiencies (if any) of your soil.

Mow High (3-4")

Mowing high stimulates root growth making turf more resistant to drought and allowing better access to water and nutrients.

Keep You Lawnmower Blade Sharp

Unsharpened blades may create jagged cuts that make grass blades more susceptible to the effects of stress and disease.

Use a Mulching Lawnmower

Mulching lawnmowers replenish nitrogen by depositing cut blades of grass back into the turf. The amount of nitrogen provided by lawn clippings may total 50% of the annual needs of a typical lawn!

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